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Tue, Aug. 2nd, 2005, 12:27 pm
demonicdreams: Yay! Bout Time, Right?

Mmm...sorry for the delay, folks!

Chapter 9: Bad Apples

Ed, Al, and Scarecrow had only been walking a short distance when Ed finally collapsed from hunger.

"I'mmmmmsssssoooooooooooohhhhuuuuuuuuunnnnggggrrrrryyyyyy......" he moaned.

Al sighed and sweatdropped.  "But Ni-san, you ate before we got on the train."

"Yeah, and that was how many hours ago?" Ed retorted sharply.

As the brothers continued to bicker, Scarecrow gave a little "heh" of mirth.  Traveling with these two would certainly be interesting...

"Hey, look! Apples!"  Ed scrambled toward the small grove of apple trees hungrily, with Al close behind.  Scarecrow privately wondered whether Ed would be able to even reach one of the apples.

 Just as Ed was about to grab an apple from a low-hanging branch, the branch jerked away.  A surly voice shouted, "Don't touch my apples!"  Then it added, as an afterthought, "What's a Munchkin doing in these parts anyway?"

"I AM NOT A MUNCHKIN!!" Ed shouted, preparing to transmute his arm again.  Luckily, Al caught hold of him just in time.

"Please...who's there?  We'd really appreciate just one or two apples," pleaded Al.

For a moment, there was silence.  Then, the apple tree moved one of it's lower branches to reveal a craggy, unpleasant-looking face.  "It's just me," said the tree in his surly voice.  "And no, you can't have any apples!"

Just as Ed was about to scream obscenities at the grumpy tree, Scarecrow stepped forward.  "He wouldn't want one of your apples anyway," he said smoothly.

"And why is that?" asked the tree, sounding indignant.

"Well, he obviously doesn't like worms," said Scarecrow.  The smoothness of his voice had developed a twinge of nastiness.

The tree bellowed and started pelting them with apples.  This alerted the other trees, who also threw their fruit at the three offenders.  The Elrics turned to run, but Scarecrow stood his ground.  As Ed and Al watched from behind a (non-apple-throwing) tree, Scarecrow stood facing the trees, a very familiar smirk on his face.  Then, he held out his hand and snapped his fingers.  What Ed had been half-expecting happened exactly: flames shot out from Scarecrow's fingers, immediately scorching the trees.  A lovely scent of roasting apples filled the air.

Then something unexpected: cries of  "WAAAUGH!!!  HOTHOTHOT!!!" filled the air as well.  Scarecrow's arm had caught fire, and it was rapidly spreading to the rest of his body...



O_O cliffhanger!! hope you liked ^_~

Tue, Aug. 2nd, 2005 05:43 pm (UTC)

NOOOOO! ROY!SCARECROW! I LOVED HIM!... hah... he's as smug as ever... keep on writing! I love this!

Tue, Aug. 2nd, 2005 07:28 pm (UTC)

-SNERK- he set fire to himself. sorry, I found that funny xDD write moreee <33

Tue, Aug. 2nd, 2005 07:52 pm (UTC)

Silly Roy with your silly flames XD Glad you updated!